The Bear Max


Part One


Save the bears
twenty to win
minus twenty to lose



Max awoke to the sound of a smoke alarm and a pungent burning smell from his smoke-filled room. He ripped off his bed sheets when suddenly, he noticed a green light shining and smoke dispersing out through the gap under the door of his closet. His sign above the door "Field of Greens" started to rattle immensely. As he approached it with caution, he slowly opened the closet door. The piercing light started to dim behind the foliage he has within it, and the smoke started to dissipate. He could see a portal to another world as he moved the foliage gradually with his hands. A stone road covered in leaves leading through a radiant land of green appeared, and the chiming sound from a grandfather clock could be heard within the portal. Hesitant at first, Max continued to enter through the portal. After stepping into Hibearia, the portal gate closed behind him and the chiming persisted. Startled by the gate, he glanced ahead to see a sleuth of bears at full canter approaching him. Quickly, Max looked around to find a way to get the portal gate to open. Next to the gate he saw a makeshift keypad and a tree with a numeric passcode carved into it. He dialed it in, which made the gate open soon after. Once opened, Max scurried in and one of the bears followed him. The chiming stopped right before the bear entered the portal gate with Max. When stopped, the portal doesn't allow anything to pass through. Instead, it starts a rapid mutation process. This combined both Max and the bear together, creating a manbear.


The planet flourishes with green vegetation in two regions, Indica and Sativa. Indica is a cool mountainous region inhabited by bears. Mount Indica was formed into a volcanic mountain long ago. At the top of Mount Indica, the volcano crater has no vegetation and glows with copper deposits. Sativa is a hot and dry tropical region. Both Indica and Sativa are inhabited by different species. The rest of the planet's surface is water. Copper is found throughout Hibearia, due to volcanic activity from Mount Indica. There are three factions consisting of bears, bearats and knights living on Hibearia.


The bears were the first mammals on this planet, prior to the knights coming through a portal connecting Earth to Hibearia. They have similar features to bears on Earth, except their fur is green and it acts as a camouflage in the lush green environment of Indica. Green insects, the indica plant, and waterways are their primary resources. They are relaxed, content, and modest creatures. However, do not like humans as a result of how the knights have treated their ancestors.


Some of the bears stopped eating the indica plant, causing conflicts with the other bears. They became motivated with an improved memory, yet irritable and narcissistic. One bear rallied the others to create their own separate sleuth to migrate away from their caverns. During their journey, they could hear the sound of people talking, so they moved in that direction. They found the portal with two knights guarding it. As the bears neared the portal gate, the knights shouted "Step away from the portal". The portal gate began to open, and they could hear the chimes. The bears stood at the entrance bewildered. The sleuth of bear's leader was mesmerized by the portal's light and neared the gate. Both knights pierced the leaders heart, and he fell to the ground instantly. The bears remembered seeing what happens to other bears when they fight back, so they stepped back. The knights looked behind the bears and could see a trail of paw prints leading toward the caverns. They told the bears to stay where they are, and set forth to scout the trail. After the knights left, bats and rats started coming through the portal, circling around the bears with high-velocity. The chiming stopped and the bears became disoriented, causing mild vertigo from the bats and rats. The portal gate began to close pushing them inside, which started the mutation process of bears, bats, and rats to come together creating bearats. When the bearats looked upon one another, they were disgusted by what they have become. They felt as though they endured this small stature and rat-like appearance, because of their regret for betrayal over the other bears by leading the knights to their caverns. With their bat-like wings, they began to flaunt them, and flew towards the top of Mount Indica. Once they reached the top, they created a nest to start a new colony near the crater. They built the nest out of the indica plant, because they still can't resist the plants aroma. The bearats now breath in harmful gases emitted from the volcano. With vapor and ash being released, their hair is now a pale emerald gray.


The portal opened long ago, that brought knights in through the portal to Hibearia. These knights came out from the portal gate dressed in tin armor. Using trades learned from peasants and blacksmiths, they mined copper for smelting and smithing tin with copper, to make a more durable bronze armor. Over periods of time, their armor had oxidized turning it into a green patina. The knights carry swords that they took through the portal with them. Others have found the portal, and brought the knowledge of technology and innovation to the knights. This included electricity, tools, and other resources they could utilize found on Hibearia, or items that they had with them when entering through the portal. People that taught the knights would request to be their king. The kings guard, which is the strongest leader of the knights with a green painted helm and copper visor, would tell them that they could never replace their king in hopes that he still lives beyond the portal. The knights would then execute them, eat them, and use their bones to make some of their tools. Men, women, and children passing through the gate that would obey their order, would be recruited into the knight faction. When they had travelers help construct the keypad and figure out how to open the gate, one knight tried to go back through by himself. When he entered, the sound of chimes were absent, triggering the mutation process. Since he was alone, the portal turned him inside out, ceasing the other knights from wanting to make another attempt. The knights built their fortress near the portal, away from the bear caverns, which is between both domains. The knights guard the portal, so if anything, or anyone comes through, they will be there for the taking. They try to seize control over the bears of Indica by capturing them, using their fur to stay warm, and each carcass for food. When the bears started to fight back, the knights would make an example of them by taking a sleuth of bears up to the top of Mount Indica, make the bearats lift them up, and be ordered to drop them into the volcano.


In the distance, The Bear Max could see the other factions making their way towards the bear caverns. He assembled a sleuth of bears to go to Sativa, along with some of the indica plant, incase they became ornery on the trip down. He told them that if they want to defeat the bearats and the knights, they would need energy to do it. The trip down the mountain became unbearably hot, which made the bears take numerous indica breaks. The Bear Max told them that they need to conserve the indica plant, and get to Sativa before the knights and bearats get to their caverns. When they reached the Sativa region, the tropical paradise mesmerized them. The smell of the sativa plant engulfed their nostrils and redirected their attention. They grabbed what they could carry, and ate some prior to setting forth back up the mountain. No other stops were needed on their hike back to the Indica region. When they arrived at the caverns, they called out to the other bears, but there was no response. The Bear Max knew that this was the start of a faction war.


The Bear Max lead the sleuth of bears, he took to the Sativa region, over to the knights fortress. Darkness filled the area as they approached it. The Bear Max noticed a thick pall of smoke hanging over the keep as he neared the fortress gate. The knights left the gate unguarded, so the bears gathered close to it and lifted The Bear Max up to a battlement to take a peak inside of the fortress. At first glance, he saw a group of knights surrounding a fire pit. They started throwing dry indica and sativa plants into the fire, while dancing around it vigorously. The Bear Max told the bears to lower him down, then pointed at the gate. The bears began to huff, as they stepped back and charged the gate, breaking through it. Chards of wood pierced some of the knights as it flew through the interior of the fortress. The knights grabbed their swords befuddled and started running towards the bears. The Bear Max leaped over the bears and swung his right claw with a mighty thrust at some of the knights, smashing them against the fortress wall. More knights gathered and began swinging their swords obnoxiously, clinging with eachothers swords in panic. The bears jumped on top of a section of the knights, ripping at their throats and tearing off appendages. As the bears were enjoying their feast, The Bear Max was cornered. Knights started plunging their swords at him, which one stabbed him in the buttcheck. With a loud roar from his injury, the knights stumbled backwards. He began to grab the knights one by one, and tore each of them apart with ease. When he walked over to the last knight, the knight kneeled and began to laugh horrifically then said, "Your clarity on where your family lives deceives you. The ones that fly, will watch you die". The Bear Max grabbed the knight by his narrow throat and lifted him up high. The knight dangled effortlessly as he said with a gasp, "You're too late". The Bear Max looked towards the volcano, and he could see lit torches trailing towards the top. The knight within the grasp of The Bear Max gasped again, "All will pay for". With a sudden slash with his claws, the knights head sliced off clean. Blood pooled around The Bear Max as he dropped the knights helpless body to the ground. The fortress grew quiet with whispers coming from the door of the keep. He pried the door off of its hinges and threw it onto a pile of knights. When the dust settled at the threshold, he found women and children nestled against a corner. The Bear Max looked towards the opposite corner of the keep and saw a weary woman chained to the wall with the transformation that he endured. The Bear Max hustled over to her, ripped the chains from out of the wall, and lifted her up over his shoulder. As he walked out from the keep, he stopped at the entrance. With an expression of disappointment, he looked towards the women and said "You can live in the fortress if you obey the bears that will be living here to watch over you", then looked at the children and said "Don't be like your fathers". When they agreed, he looked at the bears and said eagerly "Time to move". The bears ate sativa from a pile near the fire pit, getting them ready for their journey to the top of Mount Indica. They moved swiftly up the trail without running out of stamina. When The Bear Max and the bears reached the peak of the volcano, the cages were empty. They followed a trail of blood and green hair, caused by their chains and from the knights piercing the bears with their swords to move up the volcano summit. Huffing, growling, and painful moans could be heard as they drew near. When they reached the crater, they could see bearats being ordered by the kings guard to pick each bear up, fly them over the volcano vent, and drop them into it. The Bear Max and the bears charged towards the knights and bearats as their backs were turned. Two bearats grabbed another bear, due to their size differation caused by the portal, but suddenly noticed the hostile bears approaching them. The bearats dropped the bear away from the vent, then shrieked to notify the knights and other bearats. The bearats turned and started to fly fiercly towards The Bear Max and the sleuth of bears. Three bearats came from behind, coiled their tails around The Bear Max's throat, and flew him over the ocean. As they passed the knights harbor, The Bear Max dug his claws into their tails, causing them to release him. The Bear Max plummeted high above the ocean. After being knocked out when he hit the surface, a green glowing creature began to swim towards him from out of the depths. He awoke on the beach of Hibearia in the Sativa region wearing a green beaded necklace. The beads began to glow, creating a green aura that surrounded The Bear Max.